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Pokemon Movies, Video Games, Online games, and now the card games have ruled the entire gaming Industry. The Pokemon Card Games or we say PCG or TCG as the name suggests is a  card game derived from the Pokémon video game series that was initially published by Media Factory in Japan the month of October in the year 1996.

Pokemon Card Games

The game was published by the Wizards of the Coast in the Unites States and soon after this the game gained so much popularity that the well-known publisher Nintendo, took over the contract of publishing this game along with the Pokemon Video Games in the month of June in the year 2003.

In the Pokemon Card games, the Players have to assume the Pokémon trainer and use Pokémon in order to win the battle against their opponents. The Players assume to play the Pokémon game on the field and take an attempt to attack the Pokemon on their opponent’s side.  At the end, the Pokémon who has suffered maximum damage will be knocked out from the game and the other side Pokemon that knocks this Pokemon out gets a Prize card. The game usually has six Prize cards, and the most important condition to win the game is to get all of the Prize cards.  Or you can also knock out all of the pokemons of your opponent’s side to win the game.

The game starts by shuffling the cards. Initially, 7 cards are drawn at random to start with the Basic Pokémon. This basic version of the Pokémon is called your Active Pokémon, and in most cases, this Pokemon attacks the opponent Pokemon and gets damaged. If no basic Pokemon is received then the game is a draw and the cards are shuffled again. Both the players should have at least one basic Pokemon to start the game. They can play for 5 more in the battle field called bench with a carry limit of 6. The Players are then free to pick from the six cards of their cards and arrange them as Prize Cards. Then a coin is tossed to see whose turn comes first or a dice is rolled to see who goes the next.

The Play continues as the normal card game and each player take their turn to evolve Pokemon, using their non-attacking abilities. Play this game and get a new experience of playing cards.

Pokemon Player

Pokemon Player


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