4 Tips and Tricks for Reaching Pokémon GO Level 5 and More


Nearly all those that play Pokémon GO have by now caught more than a few creatures in the course of their virtual veracity hunts, but they are not able to participate in clashes at the gym. There are some tips and tricks needed by gamers in order for gym battle to occur and also to get to level 5 and more.

Make Sure You Catch as many Pokémon as Possible

Carry on catching lower level Pokémon, despite the fact that you already have 5 Rattatas and 2 Pidgeys. This is necessary because they may not be as striking, but they will later help you level up and enter a gym. On the other hand, once you grow them with candy, they will change into cool monsters. For instance, a Caterpie is not powerful, but it is a great Pokémon to own for fight, when it becomes a Butterfree .

Some Easy ways to get Additional Pokémon are Available

One of these methods is to make use of an Incense Module that will draw monsters to a player for about 30 minutes. When players sign up, each of them is offered with a minimum of two incense balls. Visiting a Poké Stop is another way. Here is where gamers have the opportunity of earning Balls to capture more Eggs or Pokémon. An Egg is will hatch a younger monster, when placed inside an incubator. You must around in order to do this.

Continue Walking

Keep walking around and search for any more Pokémon GO, even when it looks like there are no more to capture. However, be cautious when you are doing this, because a number of people have been inept.

Keep Your Battery Charged

Always keep your battery charged at all times for the reason that Pokémon GO app for Smartphone consumes quite a lot of battery life and it is not possible to catch any, not to talk of catching them all with a dead and uncharged phone.

With the tips and tricks for gym battle and reaching level 5 highlighted above, playing Pokémon GO can be made easier.

Pokemon Player

Pokemon Player


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