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There is recently a renewed interest everything about Pokémon, with Pokémon GO taking the human race by storm. Fortunately for many of us, the Netflix’s Pokémon library is pleasurably filled!

Pokémon Movies on Netflix

Clash of Ages and Hoopa and Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie are the two current Pokémon movies available on Netflix. However, you won’t be familiar with these names, if you have not followed the series lately. They are spinoffs of the XY series.

Unfortunately, the first Movie known as Pokémon is not available on Netflix at present. This movie launched in the year 2000 during peek Pokémon hype would certainly appeal to all and sundry, if there is opportunity to stream it.

The following are the Pokémon TV shows and movies currently available on Netflix.


Are you eager to watch Ash and Pikachu in their adventures? XY and the follow up season (Kalos Quest) are the Movies to watch. You will never regret or be disappointed! XY is a current TV series in glorious HD. When you watch this movie, you will be blown away by the fact that the show appears very attractive and good, and that Pokémon and other archetypal characters are still on TV.

Indigo League

Indigo League is another fantastic and incomparable Pokémon TV series that provided the Ash/Pikachu dream team, and it is now available on Netflix in all of its ratio glory of 4:3. The memories of this series will come back, if you watched it while you were a kid. The show reminds you to tune in on everyday, when you watch the episodes on Netflix.

Indigo League series commences with Ash turning 10 and getting ready for his new life as a Pokémon Trainer. He begins on the wrong foot, but — Ash rises from sleep late and misses the most important event with Professor Oak. For this reason, he was mandated to go with Pika Pika, who was the only remaining Pokémon starter.

Netflix gives only season 1, but it is a bang! It comes with 52 episodes, each running about 20 minutes. Those jerks called James, Jessie, Gary and also Brock and Misty feature in the movie. The episodes are loaded with Pokémon discoverable in Pokémon GO.

The Season 2 of Indigo League consisting of 28 episodes is missing from Netflix, but you can get the season 2 DVD on eBay, if you probably make it through season 1.

Pokemon Player

Pokemon Player


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