Pokemon Go Plus will be your Wearable Device


This upgraded app for Smartphones is a wearable device that makes use of bluetooth to communicate with Niantic (players’ phones). It sounds like a kind of quality subscription service – Hulu Plus, except for the fact that it is only a wearable gadget used by players to improve their game play.

It is a wristband with one PokeBall-shaped light fixed to it. It is a companion that makes use of Bluetooth technology to communicate with the phones of the players, and not just a detached device. It is a kind of cheap smartwatch that works with Pokemon Go only.

Plus can be detached or removed from its strap and clip to your belt or short, if you don’t want to wear it on your wrist.

Having Pokémon Go Plus will get rid of the need to be staring at your phone all the time and it will also make it much easier to play the game in the course of riding a bike or jogging, for instance.

Pokemon Player

Pokemon Player


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