Pokémon Go doesn’t play accurately like a classic Pokémon game


Pokémon Go doesn’t play accurately like a classic Pokémon game. While Pokémon Go takes some rights with the franchise, it is also based on the original handheld games.

The Similarities between Pokémon Go and Pokémon Game:

  • There are Pokémon and your intent is to catch them
  • There are gym leaders and trainers that you battle for loot, glory and recognition.
  • There is a sexy professor who helps in getting you started, most especially by providing you with the first Pokémon.
  • Another thing is that you can customize the name and look of your in-game character.

Besides that, there are some big changes in the game. For instance, how you map read the world is apparently different. You just use a controller to travel around the world of the in-game made by the developers, in the handheld games. You have to move round the actual world, while the game makes use of clock and GPS to detect your location on the in-game map and take a decision on the Pokémon that appears around you in Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Player

Pokemon Player


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