Playing Pokémon GO in the Neighborhoods


Trapping on Pokemons will prompt a Pokébattle and walking closer will cause them to appear. It may seem as if a Cater-pie peeking out from the grass outside the frontage door, putting players in the shoes of a Pokémon trainer having the possible augmented-reality turned on. Pokémon Go gives confidence to the now-grown Pokémon-wild millennial to get outside and turn the entire neighborhoods into shared Pokémon safari parks by the time it was announced last September.

However, there is a handful of technical issues that now looks standard for a connected game in the early stages of its launch, even earlier than when you really get into the real experience. The game is slow to respond in areas with bad signal, run into a frustrating frequency and the strain on the battery of the phone makes it a handy charger an indispensable piece of each trainer’s kit.

Without mincing words, it is a great experience playing Pokémon games. To get conversant with the game, there is a tutorial at the beginning. Pokémon Go is not only another mobile game, and it is also not another Pokémon game – it is completely a separate beast on the cusp of somewhat vast; a peep into the future of extensively available enlarged reality.

To be frank, until Pokémon Go gets updates that solve the issues of kinks and provide the content promised in early trailers like group battles, trading Pokémon or even only more appealing combat, it is not good as a game. However, judging or holding Pokémon Go against other Pokémon titles, or other mobile games, is quite unfair. It has encouraged numerous players to travel to historic landmarks, go outside and investigate their neighborhoods, Go to the center of lakes to fight Gym Leaders with friends and come across new people.

Pokemon Player

Pokemon Player


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